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Privacy Rights Clearinghouse       www.privacyrights.org

Identity Theft Resource Center    www.idtheftcenter.org

895,605,985 records breached and reported in the last 10 years

4,741 data breaches made public since 2005.

Records Lost in Recent Data Breaches

1/15/2016 Hyatt Hotels 250 of 627 Hotels
1/8/2016 Time Warner Cable 320,000
11/30/2015 VTech 11,200,000
11/20/2015 Starwood Hotels Unknown Number
11/9/2015 Comcast 590,000
10/9/2015 E-Trade 31,000
10/1/2015 Experian 15,000,000
10/1/2015 Scottrade 4,600,000
9/25/2015 Bed Bath & Beyond Unknown Number
9/25/2015 Hilton Hotels Unknown Number
9/21/2015 Systema Software 1,500,000

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View all reported data breaches here: www.privacyrights.org/data-breach

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Armor Data Systems develops high security database solutions that go far beyond encryption, firewalls, and intrusion detection.Our products eliminate the risks of data theft, privacy breaches, and critical information loss using a revolutionary approach to database and information security.

Offering the first of its kind solution, designed to deploy quickly and effectively to eliminate security risks, you can protect your data, your company's reputation, and your sensitive information with Armor Data Systems.

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"A staggering 43% of companies have experienced a data breach in the past year" (USA Today). Protect your customers. Secure your data with DBArmor. View our DBArmor database security product lines that fit your security and performance needs.